Saturday, September 7, 2013

Helpful information on judging pokemon card worth?

Some people have been wondering if there are more way's of telling about what pokemon card worth is other then some of the information I've provided in the past. And while the Pokemon price list is pretty helpful for figuring out some of the prices there's some really simple ways too.

I talked about first edition Pokemon cards being worth money before but there's one other thing that can make identifying really easy for novice Pokemon collectors. That is whether the Pokemon cards are Wizards of the Coast or Pokemon USA cards. Wizards of the coast produced many of the early series of cards which are the more valuable ones if you have these cards in mint condition these would be the ones you would want to hold onto. First edition cards are another way of knowing  Pokemon card worth and these would want to be seprated from the ones that are not first editions.

Holographics are another good sign that you have some really rare cards and many of the Pokemon cards that have value will be holographic. Once you figured these things out for the card you will want to examine the sets that these cards come from. Then you would want to look for error cards just because cards are holographic doesn't mean they aren't an error card many of the early sets of cards contained many art errors within the Pokemon card expansions. And with that said that doesn't mean that there are not normal Pokemon cards which have errors as well. Errors can be anything from the wrong printed artist name to missing evolution's and typo's.

Pokemon card worth also comes down to the collector and who really wants it. Selling a full base set may not pull in as much money as selling one of the cards that 10 collectors only need that one Pokemon card to complete their own personal full sets. This is why do not always assume it is a smart idea to list the full set of any of the Pokemon card expansions.

Not taking Pokemon cards to a hobby shop is a good idea to avoid. Hobby shops usually try to pay bulk for items so they can make money off of what you have. Keeping all of these tips in mind when trying to get pokemon card worth is very important. You can also use ebays search to try and find the exact Pokemon cards that you have so you not only know about the pokemon card worth but you would get an idea how you might go about writting up your very own auctions for these cards.

Also keep in mind that not every valuable card if from the USA either many of the Japanese first editions of Pokemon are very valuable to collectors. So just because you do not understand what is written on the card does not mean you should throw it away either. Make sure you save US and Japanese cards if you find them.

The more rare sets go as follows:
Base Set
Base set 2
Team Rocket
Gym Heroes
Gym Challenge

If your looking for some information on some of the rare pokemon cards of different expansions you can check some of the other area's of my blog to get an idea how much some of the Pokemon cards are selling for.

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