Friday, December 27, 2013

Pokemon Card Prices

Many people might be looking for Pokemon card prices since most of the official card price guides don't usually cover collections other then baseball cards or basket ball cards. Since Pokemon cards are a specific hobby finding Pokemon card prices are usually too specific or might not be widly accepted by every hobbist or collector. But I've been working on a complete guide for all of the rare cards out of each expansion which ends up working out to be a pretty good general idea about how much cards are valued.

I'm sure you're wondering what makes makes my website better then most of the websites which list prices on their websites. Well for one thing I'm not selling Pokemon cards from my website so I'm not going to try to tell you a card is worth more then it's true value is to try and sell you it for a premium price. Secondly I'm always working on my websites so I keep them up to date. If a change is needed I have access to make the change right away. So you're getting prices from a fellow collector who isn't making this website to steal your money. I'm here to provide useful information for people that collect Pokemon cards and also for people that play the card game.

I also provide a high and low price. The reason for this is because we all know of places like ebay or other auction websites as well as our standard hobby shops and websites which sell Pokemon cards. The low usually indicates what you would pay if you went to action which also doesn't mean that the card won't sell for a lower price then what's listed. Remember auctions and what people are willing to pay for a card comes down to how popular, how rare, and the demand of that Pokemon card. Just like a common card could sell for double or triple its value if enough people wanted that card even if it's not as rare as a holographic card. So in the end the Pokemon card prices which I provide to you are just a guide which will give you an idea of the possible range. And since I actually do research and collect data by range of different prices and giving you a idea of minimum and maximum price you might pay or make when you sell pokemon cards.

Eventually I plan on having full guides for everything Pokemon card prices related as well as full lists of all the Pokemon cards and theme decks. But for now I covered most of the very popular and expensive expansions. I appologize for how long it takes to put them out but I wouldn't want to rush the process and end up making mistakes and posting value's which are not correct causing people to think a Pokemon card is worthless when it might be worth quite a lot.

I'm also open to suggestions on how to make this Pokemon blog even better so if you have idea's regarding Pokemon card prices or have a suggestion about something to add leave me a comment or feel free to email me. Below I've included links to each of the card lists which contain prices guides and I will update them as I get more finished this will help so you don't have to search the whole blog to find these easily.

These are all the English release of Pokemon card prices in the future I might decide to also add the Japanese card prices as well but I'm first doing all of the English cards since this website is English and most people will be coming here looking for Pokémon card prices which reflect that.

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