Monday, August 26, 2013

Selling Pokemon Cards Online

When you go to try selling Pokemon cards online there is some steps to consider which will help you in making the right choices and make sure that you get the most for your Pokemon cards. If your unsure what Pokemon cards are click here to get an idea of some of their history.

Once you know what Pokemon cards are you will want to focus on finding out what the value is for them. First you will want to seprate them by the expansion they came from. Keep in mind only the first few expansions came with first edition cards if you have first edition cards make sure to seprate them from the unlimited cards. First edition cards are usually much more value depending on the expansion they came from and if they are first edition and holographic chances are they are even more rare.

Pokemon from the base set are going to be the most expensive since these are the oldest. I have been working on a list of the rare pokemon cards from these expansions so feel free to check them out and my blog also includes lists of the cards so you know which set they are from as well.

Keep in mind you should always do extra research about the cards make sure they are not error cards or fakes before you go list them. Places like ebay will take cards off of listing if they feel the card is a fake which will cost you money and waste your time. And we know that time is money after all. Usually selling cards to a hobby shop or another place like this they will try to buy them all in a bulk which means that you will most likely end up with less money especially if you have some rare invidvidual cards. Some times certain cards within a set can be more valuable then the whole set. Like for example the first edition charizard of the base set the shadowless version in mint condition can easily sell for $8,000 dollars but the full set might not go for more then $500 to $2,000 which if you sold all of it like this to a card shop they will only pay you the low end of price and if you had the charizard in this set you could have just listed it up on ebay and made over 10 times the amount of money then you would have got.

The same can go for many of the misprint cards depending on how rare they are you would not to end up ripping yourself off if you could make more money from these. But at the same time keep in mind that auctions in general are based on supply and demand this means if someone is looking for that particular card and there's enough people that want it even a card with little value can go for more then expected. With normal sales all prices are final which can mean that you will only get a static price which can be good in some cases like with cards that are not very popular. But usually collectors making sets in hopes of the set going up in value in the future will be looking for individual cards not a full set and this is why you can make money really easily.

Even though most of the older cards are worth the most money many of the newest cards are still valuable since many can still be used in the Pokemon card decks which people still play with in tournaments for the card game. And of course if you happen to have unused codes which go along with these some can be used for the Pokemon Online Trading Card Game which is really gaining a lot of popularity. So just because the Pokemon cards are new is no reason just to throw them out. As well as as they get older and cannot be bought this makes the value of them start to go up too.

Lastly some people might find unopened boxes and packs of cards something that some collectors leave behind at times. Usually if these are rare enough even unopened boxes can become very large amounts of money especially when talking about the first edition cards. Before opening them it's a good idea to see what you could sell them for as is before you go ahead an open them. While it is true that they might contain many rare cards which may or may not sell for more money if the unopened boxes themselves sell for more then the chance of getting one of the extremely rare cards it would be better not to gamble on the chance you might not get a rare card out of a box.

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