Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pokemon Cards

If you keep up with the trend of popular trading card games you would have most likely heard about pokemon cards at some point. Whether you've played the pokemon trading card game or if you just traded pokemon cards with the neighborhood kids on your block when you where younger I'm sure you had some contact with them. Today much to many people's surprise pokemon cards are still quite popular I work in retail myself and always see people picking up the new booster packs of the various expansion pokemon cards from the store I work in.

Recently I was looking at all pokemon cards list from google and saw a lot of new expansions that even I have not seen of the trading card game. I remember back when the basic expansion came out the very last expansion I saw was the Neo Destiny expansion which was one of my very last trading card game tournament I was able to attend. Now that I do not live near the pokemon center in new york and because I'm much older I gave up on collecting and playing with pokemon cards. But I still have quite a collection of the older series cards.

I was looking into the pokemon cards tournaments which are being held 2013 and much to my surprise quite a large number of tournaments are still running in different area's. While pokemon cards might not still be as popular as when they first came out it seems because of the pokemon show they still are popular. But at the same time many pokemon cards can still be faked I remember years ago that fake pokemon cards where a problem.

So when you go to buy pokemon cards you need to make sure that the person selling them is legit or you could get scammed by fakes. One of the types of scams that is common is many people use a fake pokemon card maker to make the cards themself.  If your wondering where to buy pokemon cards from there are many places on the internet that sell them different card websites. You could also try your luck buying pokemon cards from ebay but you still have to watch out for fakes. You could also buy them from local stores target is one of them. It doesn't always have to be a hobby shop many stores carry them in either the front of the store or in the back of the store along side of the toys section.

The value of pokemon cards can differ when trying to figure out pokemon cards worth it's important to know how many where printed of that card. Next is usually the more rare pokemon cards are foil cards. You would also want to check for miss prints because these can be worth even more to a collector. But even from a trading card game tournament point of view you would look at the cards based on the value of putting your deck together so you can battle. For example one of my pokemon card decks that I was using was the fortress deck which relyed on the pokemon power spike that damaged pokemon which switched out of the bench of course this card was valuable to the deck so I spent extra time and money to get enough fortress's for my deck. Coming up with a stratagy for your deck theme is a good way of knowing how much you can expect to pay for the pokemon cards that you need.

Many of the older series cards have been banned from tournaments like for example the fortress I was talking about above was banned from tournaments because it was a way of winning a match before it even started and could take down any deck before it even got out of the first few turns. So unlike other pokemon cards that are worth money some that have been banned only hold value to someone that enjoy's collecting them.

a pile of pokemon cards

There are even some sites online which claim that you can get pokemon cards free online but you should watch out for websites like these because they can be set up to scam you. Other websites might have legit offers but require that you spend a lot of time in order to claim cards doing things like posting advertisements which can also cause problems with your isp and get you in trouble. Its better that you buy pokemon cards with your own money rather then following internet scams in the end you'll learn it's better just to get a job then put time into a promise of getting free stuff nothing is completely free on the internet.

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