Friday, March 8, 2013

New Pokemon X & Y Revealed

With the new upcoming Pokemon video games some new Pokemon have been added to the Pokemon world. This includes a brand new Eevee evolution named Ninfia (ニンフィア). This Pokemon's US name is Sylveon. Speculation about the type of Pokemon the new eevee evolution will be seems to lean towards it being a light type Pokemon. Until more information comes out based on Sylveon we are still in the dark.

As you can see Sylveon has a very interesting design and color scheme with pink, light blue and dark blue colors. Pink can be associated with normal type Pokemon so it could be possible that the new Sylveon is a normal type. This Pokemon will certainly be appealing to girls because of the coloring and style of this new Pokemon. This Pokemon will be appearing in the pikachu short called "Pikachu and Eevee friends" of the Pokemon anime which centers on all the types of eeve Pokemon. The new Pokemon X & Y will be released on the Nintendo 3DS in full 3D modeling making it a very amazing Pokemon game. Other Pokemon have also been added which also includes some legendary Pokemon which are rare and difficult to obtain in game but will be fun to catch. These include:

US Name: Fennekin
Jp. Name: Fokko (フォッコ)
Type: Fire

US Name: Chespin
Jp. Name: Harimaron (ハリマロン)
Type: Grass

US Name: Froakie
Jp. Name: Keromatsu (ゲロマツ)
Type: Water

These three new Pokemon are the starter grass, water and fire types for the new game. Not much is known about the abilities of these Pokemon or the classification of them but we can most likely expect them to be similar to the other starting Pokemon we've had in past games. The two new legendary Pokemon introduced are below:

US Name: Xerneas
Jp. Name: Xerneas (ゼルネアス)
Type: Unknown

US Name: Yveltal
Jp. Name: Yveltal (イベルタル)
Type: Unknown

The legendary Pokemon Xerneas reminds me of the spirit of the forest from princess mononoke surprisingly but these new legendary Pokemon seem pretty well designed and look like they will be popular in the new game. I would imagine we can expect a new Pokemon cards expansion released based on these brand new Pokemon X & Y for the trading card game. I can't wait to see the new art designs which go along with them and how they plan to design the background art for each of the new Pokemon cards of this future expansion. But for now all we can do is speculate since we only have so much information on the new game. Hopefully we will find out more as the game is released in Japan.

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