Sunday, December 23, 2012

Overgrowth Pokemon Cards Deck

Pokemon card theme decks are composed of a certain type of deck build containing cards from the expansion. The Overgrowth deck focuses on water and grass type Pokemon cards. All theme deckscome packaged with a rule book, damage counters and a customized pokemon coin. The Overgrowth deck comes with the chansey coin and also contains a card list.

Card list
No.ImageCard nameTypeRarityPromotion
4TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngWeedle
2TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngKakuna
1TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngBeedrill
4TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngBulbasaur
2TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngIvysaur
2TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngMagikarpPromotion
1TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngGyaradosPromotion
4TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngStaryuPromotion
3TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngStarmiePromotion
2TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngSuper PotionTPromotion
2TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngSwitchTPromotion
2TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngGust of WindTPromotion
2TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngBillTPromotion
1TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngPotionTPromotion
16TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngGrass Energy
12TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.pngWater Energy  EPromotion

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