Monday, February 8, 2016

BREAKthrough Upside Down Misprint

I'm in the process of doing the price guide for BREAKthrough but the stupidity of people trying to sell BREAK cards as misprints is just so stupid I have to post about it. Cause not only places like ebay are doing it but online retailers of card companies are jumping on the same bandwagon. So before you go and spend like $40-$60 on a "misprint" upside down BREAK keep in mind all of them are printed sideways they don't look like an average card. I know because I opened 2 packs and got two of the same card Chesnaught. I know your most likely thinking maybe I'm just trying to ruin peoples fun by telling them these misprints aren't really misprints and maybe you don't believe me but take a look this is the one I have:

The way they are claiming they are upside down misprints is comparing them to normal cards but all of the BREAK series cards are printed sideways like this. So don't spend extra money buying a "misprint" which is really just someone trying to take advantage of innocent collectors. I've said before with the "crimped" error that many of these errors aren't actually published errors by Nintendo and in the event that an actual error with art and such comes out usually the company admits to it. The only error for the BREAKthrough series is an error with the Japanese art of Mega Mewtwo Ex which misspells Vanishing as Vanising in the card's artwork. Its like most of the seller community will do anything to make money and it's really disappointing to me because many people want to buy cards without getting scammed but in the past few expansions you have more scammers then legit sellers.

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