Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update about Pokemon Cards and the future

If you've noticed I've been trying to keep consistent new information about Pokemon card lists and information coming out regularly. I will be continuing to try and keep up that flow but I haven't done nearly enough booster code giveaway's. I have quite a lot of booster codes to give away and over the next few weeks I'll pick a few codes and have giveaway's set randomly.

As you can see from above we have a ton of free codes to giveaway for this year. So if you don't get one just keep watching my blog cause more will be coming out. So over the next few weeks I will be giving out three of the following types:

1 Furious Fists Booster Code

1 Flash Fire Booster Code
1 BREAKthrough Booster Code

As soon as this one gets published the count down will start on these codes so be sure to keep an eye out for them to popup. You won't have any clue's of when they get posted since I picked random times for them. If your new to the website and think this is some kind of scam or a waste of time you can look at some of the previous giveaways I've done in the past with this link.

Aside from the giveaways I will be continuing to finish the rest of the card lists that I haven't done yet. It takes a little time because I'm writing them up using html to make the tables look nice over just using some generic table. And I will try to put out more of the price guides since you guys are very interested in those kind of things. Maybe even go back over some of the older ones and re-evaluate them to make sure the prices didn't change. Only thing that kind of disappoints me is that the newer expansions aren't very valuable most of it is really cheap because they are printing so many of the same cards.

Something else I'll also comment on is don't over spend for BREAKthrough cards because I recently opened 2 packs so I could give you guys two booster codes and I got 2 BREAKthrough holographics same card so even though they are labeled ultra rare they don't even feel like they are rare. Its possible I got lucky but I usually have the worst luck ever.

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