Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Free Plasma Blast Codes for Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

If you've tried the Pokemon trading card game online before you would know that you need to enter booster pack codes in order to claim new cards for it. Well today I will be giving out some free codes these are working codes from Plasma Blast booster packs. No strings attatched you can claim these right from the page. These codes are not reusable unfortantly from my understanding so who ever claims them gets them.

If you continue to follow my blog over the next few weeks I have a bunch more codes to give away for other booster packs so if you missed out on the chance for these Plasma Blast codes there will be a theme deck code and some X and Y Pokemon booster codes as well which I will be giving out.

I hope that you enjoy these free codes and that you keep coming back to my blog and sharing it with friends!

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