Friday, November 7, 2014

Rarity from Wizards of the Coast Pokemon Cards and Nintendo's Pokemon Cards

I started my Pokemon card collecting back during the Wizards of the Coast days of Pokemon. Back when each expansion pack had first edition versions of the cards. And it was always a very high demand for collectors to rush out and go get all the first edition packs. Now a day's Nintendo's Pokemon cards don't come with first edition versions for collectors the only rush I see is just collecting them all without any special versions aside from when there is an error mistake but this happens much less often and we don't get official posts about errors made which kind of makes us wonder whether these are legit or whether people are making fake cards to scam the market.

So with that being said I'm kind of curious what the average collector thinks. Do you think that Wizards of the Coast tailored more to the actual collector I mean so far I have not seen any of the newer Nintendo Expansion card prices really go above $60 dollars which if you look at the Base Set or the Neo Destiny sets most of the first edition cards go for much more then that on average.

I feel like by Nintendo not actually having a first edition expansion it kind of makes collectors kind of feel like the later expansions might not end up being as valuable since they are not being made with the collectors needs in mind. They are printing much more packs then normal making the value of the cards much less. Which I see a whole lot less collectors actually going after them. Yet it is a good thing for the people playing the card game since then they don't have to worry about being forced to play with a first edition card which is worth $100 or more dollars.

The other thing that bugs me about all of the new expansions they haven't seemed to stop printing them. They have much longer printing runs for cards. They keep printing as long as it's selling and many stores end up with expansions that are more then a year old. I remember back when base set was out the first edition's where gone within a very short time and then as soon as they printed the next expansion the last expansion was stopped.

Don't get me wrong I'm not telling you not to collect at all cause at the end of the day you still have to catch them all. I'm more wondering what the community thinks about it and providing just some things I've noticed since Nintendo took Pokemon over. If you would like to leave comments below and tell me how you feel about it. I would be very interested in hearing your oppinions on the matter.

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