Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pokemon Website

If you enjoy Pokemon then chances are at some point you have thought about making a Pokemon website at some point whether it's for your pokemon cards or to tell your friends how much you love the pokemon game or if you just do it for fun. You might have tried to find website templates for a pokemon website. This can be a challenge since the internet now a days is so huge and finding information about making a Pokemon website can be really hard. And if you have no background in HTML programming or PHP you cannot make a Pokemon website all on your own. So I've gone a head and found some pretty interesting Pokemon website templates that are free to use which you can use. The creators always ask that you don't remove the credits they put on the Pokemon website templates which is understandable since they put in free work to make these websites themselves.

The first Pokemon website is of gold duck the code for this site is located on the demo itself.

Volcarona Pokemon website

Porygon Pokemon website

Wordpress Pokedex Pokemon theme

Another Wordpress Pokemon theme

Keep in mind unless the creator of the Pokemon website gives permission for you to use the template you can have your website taken down for using a copywrited template design. They can also do that if you remove credits or put your own credits making it seem like you built the template yourself. In the end making a Pokemon website using HTML is easy enough that you can learn how to do it yourself without doing anything devious to some poor person on the internet. Or you could sign up for a free blogger website like I did and that requires no knowledge of HTML in order to make a decent looking website.

As I find more Pokemon websites and theme's I'll continue updating this page with them for your use. Your welcome to add my blog as a friend on your Pokemon website if you would like. You can do that by adding: <a href= "">Pokemon Cards</a> To your website or blog.

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