Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Pokemon Go: Is it still worth playing?

Many people might be wondering if after the years of Pokemon go being out if its still worth playing. The game originally had some features which could be used for bad things like robbing other players or had risks of being hurt. We saw people play it while driving and get into car accidents and other things.

Although over the years now there's more safe guards in place that makes Pokemon Go a more safe game such as the warning when your traveling too fast that you shouldn't be driving while playing. And that other players cant use the game to track your location anymore. You can still make friends and play the game but the GPS can't be used to locate your position by other players who are walking around.

The game also promotes players to get exercise while playing the game since many activates of the game require you to walk like hatching egg's, catching Pokemon or finding new gym's and Pokemon stops. Its a good thing for parents because they don't have to try and force kids into being active they will do it on there own because they want to catch new and exciting Pokemon.

Another plus of the game is even though that there's a shop system in the game you can obtain coins for the cash shop in game by leaving Pokemon at gyms once a day. That's 50 free coins per day which can really help increase Pokemon storage or bag space and buy other items.

The things in the game that could make it difficult for some players is like living in a location out in the country. I personally face this and where I live there's no Pokemon stops or gyms unless I travel into a city location that could make it hard for someone who doesn't have the option to travel to locations with Pokemon stops. I have heard that at level 40 you can make suggestions for new Pokemon stops as well.