Friday, July 22, 2016

Pokemon Go

With the release of Pokemon Go many people have asked whether the game is pay to win or just have questions about the game whether its worth playing or spending money on. They also wonder if its free. So today I'm gonna cover some information about it the pro's, cons of the game and just some over all helpful information.

For starters is Pokemon Go free? The application download is free from google play and doesn't cost anything to buy the software. But keep in mind your phone will need Wifi, GPS or some kind of data plan. This will cost you some money especially if your not in a location that has free wifi. Not everyone connects to wifi for free. Perfect example is I live out in the country and without a really good data plan and company I can't get service. So what data plan options are out for phone?:

Straight Talk- This one I personally use for 45 a month I get unlimited data and the first 5GB's of data works with 4G service. Its like an At&t offshoot so it has pretty massive coverage area. Aside from not getting coverage in the tunnel of my factory its pretty spot on and I don't have to worry about running out of data.

Boost Mobile- 55 a month this one is on sprint's network so you need to check your phone to see whether it's got compatibility and availability my parents use this one and are pretty happy with it so I wouldn't say its a bad company but I personally wanted cheap.

Cricket Wireless- 70 a month for unlimited its another At&t service company this would be more an option if the phone you have doesn't work. Keep in mind each phone company even if they let you use a phone you have to make sure its compatible so you might end up paying more a month because your phone isn't supported.

Sprint- 75 a month for unlimited this one's pretty straight forward but don't really know why someone would go for sprint when you could just buy boost mobile and be on the same network but I guess it comes down to phone support. 

T-mobile- 95 a month for unlimited internet this one is on Verizon's network I personally don't see a justification for spending so much money for this one but guess it depends on users phone and the area you live in. Verizon has little to no service where I live so I couldn't use it even if I wanted.

There's more carriers some of them only are running limited time offers or just have very low coverage area's not going to list them all but I would recommend straight talk personally cause I know it works well and they do give you a discount if you auto pay monthly. I believe they charge me 42 because I auto pay.

Pay to win wise Pokemon Go isn't a bad choice game wise. So far (I say so far for various reasons) the things you can buy don't give you a direct advantage. They just speed up things in the game more experience, the ability to hatch more eggs at once. The reason I say so far is because most companies that bring microtransations into games get greedy over time and start providing advantages that give people paying more advantage over others. But the average free to play game usually doesn't do this for the first 2 years of a games life depending on how well it goes. So for now Pokemon Go is balanced compared to many of the other options in terms of games.

One of the pro's of the game is the ability to play with friends you can take over and control gyms and battle against other players of the game. And the game is overall fun since you actually traveling around is what allows you to catch the various Pokemon.

But there's actually some con's against the game such as the game allowing you to play while driving which is not safe. Its bad enough that people drive and talk on the phone but trying to catch Pokemon at 60 mph on the highway while your driving isn't safe. And I've seen people doing it too which makes it even more sad. Another thing is traveling into dangerous area's playing. This depends on location but out where I live no trespassing on someones farm can get you shot if you stumble across someones farm land. You also don't want to wonder into forests or area's with snakes, ticks, coyote's, or other dangerous animals. So smartest thing is be aware of your surroundings when your playing the game. And lastly the games GPS can also be used to track other players so this opens a possibility for it to be used tracking people for stalking and such but that can happen with other apps aside from Pokemon so that risk is always a thing.

Aside from the downsides of the game it has potential to help people suffering from social problems and allows a really fun game to play so I would have to say if you actually have the space on your phone and the data plan you should consider giving the game a go.