Friday, July 22, 2016

Pokemon Go

With the release of Pokemon Go many people have asked whether the game is pay to win or just have questions about the game whether its worth playing or spending money on. They also wonder if its free. So today I'm gonna cover some information about it the pro's, cons of the game and just some over all helpful information.

For starters is Pokemon Go free? The application download is free from google play and doesn't cost anything to buy the software. But keep in mind your phone will need Wifi, GPS or some kind of data plan. This will cost you some money especially if your not in a location that has free wifi. Not everyone connects to wifi for free. Perfect example is I live out in the country and without a really good data plan and company I can't get service. So what data plan options are out for phone?:

Straight Talk- This one I personally use for 45 a month I get unlimited data and the first 5GB's of data works with 4G service. Its like an At&t offshoot so it has pretty massive coverage area. Aside from not getting coverage in the tunnel of my factory its pretty spot on and I don't have to worry about running out of data.

Boost Mobile- 55 a month this one is on sprint's network so you need to check your phone to see whether it's got compatibility and availability my parents use this one and are pretty happy with it so I wouldn't say its a bad company but I personally wanted cheap.

Cricket Wireless- 70 a month for unlimited its another At&t service company this would be more an option if the phone you have doesn't work. Keep in mind each phone company even if they let you use a phone you have to make sure its compatible so you might end up paying more a month because your phone isn't supported.

Sprint- 75 a month for unlimited this one's pretty straight forward but don't really know why someone would go for sprint when you could just buy boost mobile and be on the same network but I guess it comes down to phone support. 

T-mobile- 95 a month for unlimited internet this one is on Verizon's network I personally don't see a justification for spending so much money for this one but guess it depends on users phone and the area you live in. Verizon has little to no service where I live so I couldn't use it even if I wanted.

There's more carriers some of them only are running limited time offers or just have very low coverage area's not going to list them all but I would recommend straight talk personally cause I know it works well and they do give you a discount if you auto pay monthly. I believe they charge me 42 because I auto pay. 

Pay to win wise Pokemon Go isn't a bad choice game wise. So far (I say so far for various reasons) the things you can buy don't give you a direct advantage. They just speed up things in the game more experience, the ability to hatch more eggs at once. The reason I say so far is because most companies that bring microtransations into games get greedy over time and start providing advantages that give people paying more advantage over others. But the average free to play game usually doesn't do this for the first 2 years of a games life depending on how well it goes. So for now Pokemon Go is balanced compared to many of the other options in terms of games.

One of the pro's of the game is the ability to play with friends you can take over and control gyms and battle against other players of the game. And the game is overall fun since you actually traveling around is what allows you to catch the various Pokemon.

But there's actually some con's against the game such as the game allowing you to play while driving which is not safe. Its bad enough that people drive and talk on the phone but trying to catch Pokemon at 60 mph on the highway while your driving isn't safe. And I've seen people doing it too which makes it even more sad. Another thing is traveling into dangerous area's playing. This depends on location but out where I live no trespassing on someones farm can get you shot if you stumble across someones farm land. You also don't want to wonder into forests or area's with snakes, ticks, coyote's, or other dangerous animals. So smartest thing is be aware of your surroundings when your playing the game. And lastly the games GPS can also be used to track other players so this opens a possibility for it to be used tracking people for stalking and such but that can happen with other apps aside from Pokemon so that risk is always a thing.

Aside from the downsides of the game it has potential to help people suffering from social problems and allows a really fun game to play so I would have to say if you actually have the space on your phone and the data plan you should consider giving the game a go.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Three Primal Clash free Booster Codes

I haven't posted in awhile because of being so busy with work. But today I'm going to make up for it. I promised I would do more code giveaways and today I will be giving three booster codes for primal clash expansion. These are all unused codes but keep in mind they are one time use so first come first serve. I still have more codes left to give away and I will keep releasing free booster codes for the online Pokemon trading card game. So stay tuned for more free code giveaways.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Primal Clash Booster code giveaway 2 codes

I apologize for not doing any giveaways in awhile I started a new job which has me working 43 hours a week so my time ends up being slightly limited. But today I decided I would make sure I did another giveaway since I still have a stack of code cards left. And I'm sure some people have been waiting around to get a free code.  These get claimed for the Pokemon online trading card game and they don't cost you anything but give you free booster packs of cards on it. But enjoy and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Primal Clash Booster Giveaway 3/8/2016

So it being a new month and all I decided to do another booster giveaway and today its a primal clash booster code. The way this works is whoever enters it and uses it gets it since these codes are one time uses. So if your fast enough you'll get a free code. I still have more codes to give out so if you aren't the first to get it this time. Keep following the blog and I'm sure you'll get one eventually.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

BREAKthrough Pokemon Card Prices

This page is dedicated to the rare Pokemon cards of the BREAKthrough Pokemon card expansion. The low end price would be the lowest price you might find it for without going to buy it from a retail card seller. And the highest price would be buying it outside of an auction. Keep in mind that prices change as buyer demand changes but I will try to keep prices current. Beware of Misprint Scam

Card NameEditionConditionLow end PriceHigh End Price
BREAKthrough Complete Master Set N/A Mint  $242.50 $463.49
BREAKthrough Sealed booster box N/A N/A  $100.99 $199.99
BREAKthrough Houndoom Ex Full Art Breakthrough Pokemon Card 153/162 Ultra Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $10.30 $50.00
BREAKthrough Mewtwo EX 164/162 Secret Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $10.00 $40.00
BREAKthrough Zoroark BREAK 92/162  Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $19.00 $40.00
BREAKthrough Raichu BREAK 50/162  Holographic Pokemon Card  N/A Mint  $21.00 $39.99
BREAKthrough Florges BREAK 104/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $20.00 $39.95
BREAKthrough Noivern BREAK 113/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $14.00 $40.00
BREAKthrough Marowak BREAK 78/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $13.00 $38.00
BREAKthrough Mewtwo EX 163/162 Secret Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $15.00 $30.00
BREAKthrough Mega Mewtwo EX Full Art 160/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $11.00 $23.00
BREAKthrough Mega Mewtwo EX 159/162 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $10.00 $19.54
BREAKthrough Mega Mewtwo Ex 63/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $9.50 $17.95
BREAKthrough Mega Glalie EX Full Art Ultra Rare 156/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $9.40 $19.02
BREAKthrough Chesnaught XY68 (Staff) Prerelease Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $9.00 $19.00
BREAKthrough Mega Glalie EX 35/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $6.50 $14.95
BREAKthrough Mewtwo EX 157/162 Full Art  Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $7.50 $14.95
BREAKthrough Mega Houndoom EX Full Art 154/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $8.30 $15.00
BREAKthrough Mewtwo EX 158/162 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $7.50 $14.95
BREAKthrough Mega Mewtwo EX 64/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $7.30 $14.50
BREAKthrough Glalie EX Full Art 155/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $6.70 $11.95
BREAKthrough Brigette Full Art 161/162 Ultra Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.00 $10.49
BREAKthrough Houndoom EX 21/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.70 $9.99
BREAKthrough  Mega Houndoom EX 22/162  Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.70 $9.95
BREAKthrough Zoroark 91/162 Reverse
Holographic Pokemon Card
N/A Mint  $6.00 $12.95
BREAKthrough Giovanni's Scheme Full Art 162/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $2.90 $6.95
BREAKthrough Octillery 33/162 Reverse Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $2.90 $6.95
BREAKthrough Jirachi XY67 Black Star Promo Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.40 $3.80
BREAKthrough Mega Blaziken EX 86/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $3.70 $8.80
BREAKthrough Raikou 55/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $2.70 $6.80
BREAKthrough Gengar 60/162 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.90 $4.80
BREAKthrough Parallel City 145/162 Reverse Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.00 $3.50

Monday, February 8, 2016

BREAKthrough Upside Down Misprint

I'm in the process of doing the price guide for BREAKthrough but the stupidity of people trying to sell BREAK cards as misprints is just so stupid I have to post about it. Cause not only places like ebay are doing it but online retailers of card companies are jumping on the same bandwagon. So before you go and spend like $40-$60 on a "misprint" upside down BREAK keep in mind all of them are printed sideways they don't look like an average card. I know because I opened 2 packs and got two of the same card Chesnaught. I know your most likely thinking maybe I'm just trying to ruin peoples fun by telling them these misprints aren't really misprints and maybe you don't believe me but take a look this is the one I have:

The way they are claiming they are upside down misprints is comparing them to normal cards but all of the BREAK series cards are printed sideways like this. So don't spend extra money buying a "misprint" which is really just someone trying to take advantage of innocent collectors. I've said before with the "crimped" error that many of these errors aren't actually published errors by Nintendo and in the event that an actual error with art and such comes out usually the company admits to it. The only error for the BREAKthrough series is an error with the Japanese art of Mega Mewtwo Ex which misspells Vanishing as Vanising in the card's artwork. Its like most of the seller community will do anything to make money and it's really disappointing to me because many people want to buy cards without getting scammed but in the past few expansions you have more scammers then legit sellers.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

BREAKpoint Pokemon Booster Code Giveaway

BREAKpoint expansion just released this week so I figured I would do a giveaway of a free code. Like always it's who ever gets it first so good luck in snatching it the code is below. I will be doing the price list for BREAKpoint soon too which I know quite a few people are wondering when. Stay tuned for more codes and updates.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

BREAKthrough Booster Code Giveaway

I haven't done any BREAKthrough code giveaways because I didn't have any to giveaway but you guys have been sticking to my blog and liking my posts and following what I have to say. So I went to the store and bought some packs from what I made off of ads to give you guys some free booster codes. I have codes of other expansions and we will continue to do these code giveaway's like I keep saying until I'm all out of codes.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Flash Fire Pokemon Booster Code Giveaway

Like promised today I'm giving away another booster code making this the second giveaway I hope who ever enjoy's it. Make sure you follow my blog there's still another code giveaway coming up within the next few days. So if you missed the chance to get this one you'll have a chance to get the newest booster expansion code.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Furious Fists Booster Code Giveaway

So this marks the very first giveaway you will have two more giveaways to look forward to after this one so if you didn't get lucky enough to get this one follow the blog and watch for the others that way you don't miss them. We will be doing this more often since I have a pretty large stack of codes to giveaway for free.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update about Pokemon Cards and the future

If you've noticed I've been trying to keep consistent new information about Pokemon card lists and information coming out regularly. I will be continuing to try and keep up that flow but I haven't done nearly enough booster code giveaway's. I have quite a lot of booster codes to give away and over the next few weeks I'll pick a few codes and have giveaway's set randomly.

As you can see from above we have a ton of free codes to giveaway for this year. So if you don't get one just keep watching my blog cause more will be coming out. So over the next few weeks I will be giving out three of the following types:

1 Furious Fists Booster Code

1 Flash Fire Booster Code
1 BREAKthrough Booster Code

As soon as this one gets published the count down will start on these codes so be sure to keep an eye out for them to popup. You won't have any clue's of when they get posted since I picked random times for them. If your new to the website and think this is some kind of scam or a waste of time you can look at some of the previous giveaways I've done in the past with this link.

Aside from the giveaways I will be continuing to finish the rest of the card lists that I haven't done yet. It takes a little time because I'm writing them up using html to make the tables look nice over just using some generic table. And I will try to put out more of the price guides since you guys are very interested in those kind of things. Maybe even go back over some of the older ones and re-evaluate them to make sure the prices didn't change. Only thing that kind of disappoints me is that the newer expansions aren't very valuable most of it is really cheap because they are printing so many of the same cards.

Something else I'll also comment on is don't over spend for BREAKthrough cards because I recently opened 2 packs so I could give you guys two booster codes and I got 2 BREAKthrough holographics same card so even though they are labeled ultra rare they don't even feel like they are rare. Its possible I got lucky but I usually have the worst luck ever.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

BREAKpoint Pokemon Card Expansion

The BREAKpoint expansion will be the second series containing the BREAK Pokemon cards of the X and Y series.  The series is set for release for February 3, 2016 and includes 11 new Pokemon EX cards with two Mega Evolution Pokemon cards and five new BREAK Pokemon cards. The expansion is called Rage of the Broken Heavens in Japan and will feature at least 120 cards.

BREAKpoint Pokémon Card Prices

BREAKpoint Pokémon Error Cards:

No information yet

Theme Decks:

No information yet

Symbol Map:
I- Item
T- Trainer
Su- Support
St- Stadium
- Common
- Uncommon
- Rare
E- Energy
- Rare Holographic
- Rare Secret
- Rare Ultra
- Rare Holographic EX
- Ultra Rare Break Holographic 

Additional Cards: 
No. Card name Type Promotion
21/122 Slowking     Exclusive Non Holographic Wave Slasher Theme Deck 
40/122 Greninja     Exclusive Holographic Wave Slasher Theme Deck
46/122 Luxray     Exclusive Holographic Electric Eye Theme Deck

Set List:
No. Card name Type Rarity
1/122 Chikorita    
2/122 Bayleef    
3/122 Meganium    
4/122 Seedot    
5/122 Kricketot    
6/122 Kricketune    
7/122 Petilil    
8/122 Lilligant    
9/122 Durant    
10/122 Growlithe    
11/122 Arcanine    
12/122 Numel    
13/122 Camerupt    
14/122 Emboar EX    
15/122 Heatmor    
16/122 Psyduck    
17/122 Golduck    
Golduck BREAK
19/122 Slowpoke    
20/122 Slowbro    
21/122 Slowking    
22/122 Shellder    
23/122 Shellder    
24/122 Cloyster    
25/122 Staryu    
26/122 Gyarados EX    
27/122 Mega Gyarados EX    
28/122 Lapras    
29/122 Corsola    
30/122 Suicune    
31/122 Palkia EX    
32/122 Manaphy EX    
33/122 Tympole    
34/122 Palpitoad    
35/122 Seismitoad    
36/122 Ducklett    
37/122 Swanna    
38/122 Froakie    
39/122 Frogadier    
40/122 Greninja    
41/122 Greninja BREAK    
42/122 Electabuzz    
43/122 Electivire    
44/122 Shinx    
45/122 Luxio    
46/122 Luxray    
47/122 Luxray BREAK    
48/122 Blitzle    
49/122 Zebstrika    
50/122 Drowzee    
51/122 Hypno    
52/122 Espeon EX    
53/122 Skorupi    
54/122 Drapion    
55/122 Sigilyph    
56/122 Trubbish    
57/122 Garbodor    
58/122 Espurr    
59/122 Meowstic    
60/122 Honedge    
61/122 Doublade    
62/122 Aegislash    
63/122 Skrelp    
64/122 Phantump    
65/122 Trevenant    
66/122 Trevenant BREAK    
67/122 Sudowoodo    
68/122 Gible    
69/122 Gabite    
70/122 Garchomp    
71/122 Pancham    
72/122 Nuzleaf    
73/122 Shiftry    
74/122 Darkrai EX    
75/122 Pangoro    
76/122 Scizor EX    
77/122 Mega Scizor EX    
78/122 Mawile    
79/122 Ferroseed    
80/122 Ferrothorn    
81/122 Clefairy    
82/122 Clefable    
83/122 Togekiss EX    
84/122 Spritzee    
85/122 Aromatisse    
86/122 Dragalge    
87/122 Rattata    
88/122 Raticate    
89/122 Raticate BREAK    
90/122 Dunsparce    
91/122 Stantler    
92/122 Ho-Oh EX    
93/122 Glameow    
94/122 Purugly    
95/122 Furfrou    
96/122 All-Night Party   St  
97/122 Bursting Balloon    I  
98/122 Delinquent   Su  
99/122 Fighting Fury Belt    I  
100/122 Great Ball    I  
Gyarados Spirit Link
102/122 Max Elixir    I  
103/122 Max Potion    I  
104/122 Misty's Determination   Su  
105/122 Pokémon Catcher    I  
106/122 Potion    I  
107/122 Professor Sycamore   Su  
108/122 Psychic's Third Eye   Su  
109/122 Puzzle of Time    I  
Reverse Valley
Scizor Spirit Link
113/122 Splash Engergy   E  
114/122 Gyarados EX    
115/122 Mega Gyarados EX    
116/122 Manaphy EX    
117/122 Espeon EX    
118/122 Darkrai EX    
119/122 Scizor EX    
120/122 Mega Scizor EX    
121/122 Ho-Oh EX    
123/122 Gyarados EX