Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crimped Error Pokemon Cards

So with many of the newer Pokemon cards I keep seeing people on Ebay and other places trying to sell crimped Pokemon cards like they are some kind of error card or something. And I thought the question about crimped cards might come up like what exactly is a crimped card and is it really as rare or valuable as people want you to think.

Crimped Pokemon cards from what people trying to sell them off as are when the cards get pushed so high into the pack that when the sealer comes in it seals the edge of the top of the cards damaging them. The problem with crimped Pokemon error cards is first of all if the sealer really did the damage to the card the pack itself wouldn't have been sealed properly. And one of the main concerns is that it is possible for someone to purposely damage it.

People seem to claim that crimped cards are something ultra rare but if you look on Ebay there's quite a lot of them trying to sell cards for an extra 30 or 40 dollars over the true value of the cards. Some people are even claiming they are rare and that they opened thousands of packs just to get one yet they are selling multi of the same Pokemon card.

One of the other biggest signs that this could be another Pokemon error scam is the fact that you don't have official statements about these cards. In the past most errors where text mistakes with the cards or the card being off center or missing and energy symbol. Now you don't actually see any error cards so people are physically damaging cards trying to make up a way to get people to buy them.

Until the Pokemon website brings out a news letter that validates the crimped Pokemon cards as error cards I would steer clear of buying these types of error cards because keep in mind what made error cards valuable in the past was that the companies have not said that it was a misprint or error card not some collector / investor who's telling you it was machine made when they could have taken a crimper tool and damaged the card in a way to make you think your buying some rare error card.

In the past the mentality of people who had a damaged card was to throw it away or like sell it for less because the mint condition is also a major factor in whether cards are rare or not. These Pokemon error cards go against all known logic for what makes a card rare by trying to sell people a damaged card that's not mint condition as rare.

Another thing that really brings out that this is a scam is that aside from new Pokemon cards they are doing it with older cards like base set and rockets edition cards which have been out of print for a long time. They are taking less valuable cards and trying to make them valuable by claiming crimped errors with them. And I know for sure that wizards of the coast never brought out information about crimped card errors yet they did for a lot of other mistakes and misprints. I'm sure Nintendo would do the same if the errors are real. And I do find it amusing as well that people claim cards being "mint" condition on an error card which has been crimped when the edge is clearly damaged or has dent marks in them.

I'm not trying to ruin your day by bringing information like this out. But I'm pretty sure that the intent of people selling these cards have found a way to crimp them just to try and scam since no crimp looks the same and there's been multi different types of crimps that just look like someone went out to the tool shed and ruined the card. I would advise you not to spend money on crimped cards but it's up to you.