Friday, December 4, 2015

Black & White Legendary Treasures Booster Pack Codes

These are booster pack codes that are older but I'm sure there's some people who are still looking for cards from this expansion for the Pokemon trading card game online. I'm giving two codes today because Christmas is coming up and figured two is better then one.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Pokemon Christmas idea's 2015

The holiday season is quickly approaching and many Pokemon fans are asking parents to buy them some Pokemon gifts for the holiday season. I figured I would set up a nice guide for parents to help locate the items they would want to get for kids and help give the right idea's if they aren't sure what to get. I will be covering a few topics in the post so I apologize if the post runs long.

Topic list are as follows:

Pokemon Christmas presents
Pokemon Christmas sweaters  
Pokemon ornaments
Pokemon Trading Card gifts
Pokemon gift locator

So I'm gonna start with some straight up Christmas present idea's then later in the topic I will show you how to locate these in a store if you aren't a fan of buying online. I know for the holiday season many stores like Target, Toysrus and Walmart has been running sales like buy one get one free or buy one and get half off. Certain Pokemon Christmas presents might end up being only buy able online but I will try my best to find actual locations you can take your kids to. Cause I know we want it to be a surprise but still want to make sure it's something our kids want.

Pokemon Plush these can be found in stores such as Target, Walmart, Toysrus and also online. Pokemon plush are stuffed Pokemon dolls shopping in stores it will be some what random what each store has because they come as an assortment of different Pokemon plush and the size can vary but these can be a good gift for both boy's and girls because they aren't a gender specific toy. You will want to find out which Pokemon are their favorites because there's a lot of different Pokemon.  Some of the Pokemon Plush you will find are as follows:

Pokemon Mini Plush- Pokemon 6 inch Plush
Pokemon Trainer's Choice- Pokemon 8 inch Plush
Pokemon Mega Evolved- Pokemon 10 inch Plush 

The mini plush is the smallest of the types of Pokemon plush you will find they have quite a lot of different ones to collect and I have seen them in Target store usually near the trading cards section.

Pokemon Trainer's Choice Plush these I've only seen online and feature a 8 inch Pokemon plush they come as the starting Pokemon from all the games. These can make it easy to narrow down the type of Pokemon by starter Pokemon.

Mega Evolved Pokemon these ones are new to the game and have been featured in some of the newer expansions of the Pokemon Trading Card Game so if your child has only recently gotten into the game or if you've heard them talking about Mega Evolved Pokemon these are really powerful Pokemon and would also help narrow down some possible Christmas plush gifts.

Pokemon Interactive Pokedex this toy has recently released allowing your kids to have a pokedex of their own picking a trainer name and catch and add Pokemon to your Pokedex. It also comes with quiz questions of all the different Pokemon and includes a total of 450 Pokemon. It has touch screen as well. You can watch the video above to hear more information about the Pokedex.

Pokemon Pinata Kit this one is really great if you plan on holding a Christmas party for the family especially if your family has a lot of kids that like Pokemon. Saw this on Toys "R" us's website. Comes with candy and a mask so you don't need to worry about buying candy separately to fill it. It can be used for more then just Christmas but it can be something really unique for a Christmas party.

 Pokemon Hero Figure's there's quite a few different types of Pokemon figures to choose from but these are also really collectible and something that kids really enjoy as well. Some are more collectible then used for playing but I will list and explain a little about some of the types you can find.

Clip ‘n’ Carry™ Poké Ball™ this one is actually pretty interesting because it's a Pokeball that comes with a Pokemon I've seen quite a few different types of Pokemon for the Clip 'n' Carry figures and all of them seem to be really well made and realistic. Some of the other Pokémon come with master balls or super balls depending on the type of Pokémon they are.

Pokemon Super 4-Pack Figures these come with four different Pokémon and can depend on the pack you manage to find but these are also pretty collectible toys and are a great gift idea for any Pokémon fan.

Pokemon X & Y - Mega Charizard Y, Charmander, Charmeleon & Charizard Figure 4-pack this pack is actually pretty cool because it includes a type of Pokémon figure which has all of it's evolution stages included in the pack so if you know your child likes charmander he gets all of the evolutionary stages provides a lot of fun to play with.

CNFT Pokemon Action Figures these are actually smaller figures and there's a few different companies that make these types of figures but these won't be found in stores you will need to check amazon and other online dealers for these types of Pokemon figures. I wouldn't recommend these Pokemon figures to small children since they are small.

Pokemon Mega figure 2 pack this is a two pack of Pokemon figure which are mega evolution's. So if you know your child already has the other stages from a different figure pack which you bought for them already you can get them the mega evolution Pokemon figures without buying the Pokemon figures they already own.

TOMY Pokemon Ash and 2" Pikachu the brand TOMY put out a combination pack of Ash and Pikachu which is really nice so if your child really likes Ash and wants to set up trainer battles of his own using Pokemon figure's this set makes that possible.

Pokemon Hero 5 Inch Figure's are much larger then most of the types of Pokemon figures but include bendable parts similar to the ash figure.

Pokemon Supreme 6 Inch Figure these are the largest type of Pokemon figures which you will find they are similar to most other types of the above just larger. Most of them I've seen do not include bendable moving parts.

Most of the Pokemon figures I covered are ones which you can buy in normal retail stores or with online retailers but there are still many other types of Pokemon figures which you can find online. Many mock companies put out some really interesting toy's aside from the normal stuff you can pick up at a local store even including buying Japanese Pokemon figures like the above picture but some of these are much harder to find online. So when it comes to Pokemon figures don't feel limited to what I've suggested feel free to search the internet to find more Pokemon figures I'm just trying to help you identify some of what you can buy in stores.

 Believe it or not you can actually find Pokemon board games to buy for kids this holiday season. There's actually a few different kinds of board games. I kind of wish more companies would get on this wagon especially since some of the games are slightly hard to find or a little on the expensive side. But some of the Pokemon board games range from really young kids being able to understand and play or really good Pokemon board games which can be used as educational training tools teaching to count and read while still having fun with the family.  Some of the options you have for Pokemon board games include the following:

MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition in this Pokemon board game you get to play Monopoly and travel through all eight gyms and battle gym leader Pokemon. The game allows you to trade, buy and sell with other Pokemon trainer and get more powerful Pokemon to win the game. I have also seen just a normal version but seems like it came out awhile ago and might be expensive to buy. But the Kanto version is more reasonable.

Pokemon Sorry! this Pokemon board game is the same as Sorry game only with Pokemon. Each player picks which gym is his or her home. This game is great for kids 4 and up since it does require reading and also counting so it also has educational value.

Pokemon On A Roll Game this Pokemon board game is similar to Yahtzee a game of luck but its more simplified so even younger players have a chance to win.

Pokemon Master Trainer 1999 Edition this Pokemon board game allows each player to become a Pokemon trainer and travel Indigo Plateau where he or she can challenge the reigning Pokemon trainers which are represented by different cards with Pokemon he or she collected on the trip. The Pokemon board game can be played with 2 to 6 players. I have also seen other editions besides the 1999. I believe there's a 2001 Pokemon board game as well for this game. Some of them are a little expensive but the reviews are really good. Also a good collector type of item for a Pokemon fan and great for the Christmas.

UNO Pokémon Best Wishes! this game is the same as the normal UNO game only with Pokemon themed cards. Even though this game can only be found in Japanese it's easy to understand the different types of cards if you've played UNO before cause they are clearly marked. So this is still a great gift.

Pokemon clothing is always a really good idea for Pokemon Christmas idea's since it's easy to find the sizes and they usually have some decent options. Going to offer some of the Pokemon clothing idea's I've found online which you can use.

Pokemon Socks this type of Pokemon clothing comes in two option either Pokemon ankle socks or peds. You have a lot of different companies which make Pokemon socks including Nike. And I have also seen Pokemon socks for girls which are more pink and girlie then some of the ones for boys so it's not just gender specific.

Pokemon Shoes are a great option too they also can go along with the Pokemon socks really well. They have both boys and girls sizes online as well. And Nike and Van's also sell Pokemon shoes. You also have a lot of personal artists online which sell there own personal designs and give some really great deals when buying from them. So when it comes to buying Pokemon shoes make sure you take a look at all of the options for Pokemon shoes before picking one. 

Pokemon Cosplay Toy Cap I have seen quite a few different ones of these and they are also a nice idea since your kid can wear it when they go outside. They make really nice ones online.

Pokemon Baseball Hat this is something I saw that Target specifically has but there's a lot more option just for baseball style hats online as well so you have a lot of different types of Pokemon hats including some that look just like Ash's cap. The item number for the one which target has is 044-06-0956 if you want to look at it. Right now it is on sale as well.

Pokemon Jersey Knit Pants these are another item from Target which are actually on sale right now so you can get them for a really nice deal. The item number to search for them on the target website is 044-05-2746 that will take you right to the item.

Boys' Pokemon Backpack this has Pikachu's ears sticking up on the Pokemon Backpack and comes in Yellow/Black and Red on Target's website the item number for it is  035-05-0116. There's also other types of Pokemon backpacks to pick from online including ones meant to be used for school.

Boys' Pokemon Pikachu Graphic T-Shirt this is another Target item which I found that's on sale with 30% off which is great the item but they actually have quite a few different Pokemon T-shirts to pick from. And online many stores have tons of different Pokemon T-Shirts so you really should look online before just picking something. But at least with the ones which Target has you do have some options to check local stores near you. Or even pick up Pokemon T-Shirts from a local Target near you.

Boys' Pokemon Pikachu Hoodie I have also seen this on Target with the cyber sale but you can find a vary of Pokemon hoodies online from different online retailers too aside from Target.

Boys' Pokemon Gloves this one is another on sale Target item the item number for these is 202-06-1313. This kind of item is great because it is December and you want your child's hands to be warm during the cold season so these are a great option. I've also seen some sets like Ash's gloves as well with matching hat but the Pokemon gloves that target has are meant more for the cold weather because they don't have the fingers cut off.

Pokemon Printed Strap Watch  this one is another one I saw on Target and amazingly it's really cheap right now. Item number for it is 202-09-1636. But online as always more types of Pokemon watch's are possible to buy too.

Pokemon Pajama Set  another item which I found on Target's website but I have also seen other Pokemon Pajama sets online from other online companies. So if you don't like the one that target has which was for boy's anyway you can always look online to find more Pokemon Pajamas's.

Pokemon Pikachu Money Coin Bank I have seen these in Target but also online too. Target usually has these on the the end cap of the boy's bedding sections of the store and I've seen more then just Pikachu usually including the starter Pokemon types. But these Pokemon money banks are nice because it teaches your child to save money and looks really nice in a Pokemon theme room.

Pokemon Bed set these can be found at Target or online. Target usually has Pokemon sheets as well as Pokemon comforter and I have seen some full Pokemon bed sets. They usually have separate section just for the kids bedding so if you go into the store looking for them you'll be checking in that spot to find it. Will save you time wondering around the store. 

Pokemon Shower Curtain while this might seem a little strange to put up I know there's parents who love Pokemon just as much as kids but if your kids have there own bathroom you can really surprise them when they wake up in the morning with a Pokemon shower curtain.

Pokemon Bath Bombs I'm sure you've seen other types of bath bombs which fill the bath tube with different kinds of mineral's and scent's but they also have Pokemon bath bombs which I've seen shaped like different Poke-balls. So you can give a loved one a fizzing Pokemon bath bomb for Christmas.

Pokemon Christmas sweaters I know what your thinking this is actually a thing? Well the answer is yes if you search the internet you can give your kids a Pokemon Christmas sweater and because its Pokemon themed I really doubt you will get the "eww I got a sweater for xmas" that you would with any other ugly sweater. Because everyone loves Pokemon even if its a Pokemon Christmas sweater.

Pokemon Christmas music there's actually a Pokemon Christmas album which you can buy for your kids if they really like Pokemon and want to get in to the Christmas spirit. But if Pokemon Christmas music isn't what you want to get them I have a list of all the English Pokemon albums that came out for you to pick from. The list is from oldest to newest but if you know what they like you can always get them a certain album with the movie if they don't have it.

Album list:
Pokémon 2.B.A. 
Don't Say You Love Me 
Pokémon Theme 
Pokémon the First Movie 
Pokémon Gotta Catch the Sound! 
Pokémon World 
Pokémon the First Movie 
Pokémon the Movie 2000   
The Power of One  
Totally Pokémon 
Pokémon Gotta Catch 'em Live! 
Pokémon 3: The Ultimate Soundtrack
Pokemon Music from 4Kids TV  
Pokémon X Music 
Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen: Super Music Collection 
Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection 
Pokémon Ruby & Pokémon Sapphire: Super Music Collection   
Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl: Super Music Collection  
Pokémon Black & Pokémon White: Super Music Collection 
Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2: Super Music Collection 
Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: Super Music 

Pokemon Nintendo games so this one is pretty straight forward if they don't have one of the newer games you can buy it for them. And if they lack the system you have that to purchase for them which could be a win all type of Pokemon Christmas gift.

Game List:
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon - Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon X for Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon Rumble Blast for Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon: Omega Ruby (Nintendo 3DS)
Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire (Nintendo 3DS)
Pokemon Conquest (Nintendo DS)

Pokemon ornaments this one is simply for Christmas tree decoration so I wouldn't buy them as a gift idea but Pokemon ornaments can provide a fun activity for the kids as well as give them something to pass down to when they have kids. Internet has a lot of different types of Pokemon ornaments including some that are from Japan as well. But a possible Pokemon craft idea which can get your kids to have fun is think about making Pokemon ornaments with Pokemon art. And then they can hang the Pokemon ornaments they made on the tree to show them off. Another option is some of the figures could also be tied up and hung from the tree and then later used to play with after Christmas is over.

Pokemon trading cards this deserves its own section for write up because for one you have a lot of different sets that you can buy. But what needs to be explained is how they work for parents. I know the worries about getting the wrong card and expansion. Many of what you find in stores can be a mix of old Pokemon trading cards and you want the right things for your kids.

First lets say your kids are new to Pokemon if they don't have any cards as of yet and you want to get them into the game or they are interested in the game. You'll want to make sure they get a starter set. There's a few good options especially if you have two kids because you want to make sure they play together. The Pokemon Trainer kit Latias & Latios gives two decks and teaches how to play the game this is a really good option. You don't have to worry about fighting if they are going to be sharing this kind of toy and playing together unlike the box's which have booster packs which are not really "starter sets".

Another option you can consider for newer players are theme decks because this gives them a full deck to start with and helps them learn how to play the game. The theme decks also give codes which allow them to play online in the Pokemon trading card game online. But if you have multiple kids you would need to buy them each a theme deck.  These are the order of expansions to look out for starting from the oldest to newest:

Legendary Treasures
Furious Fists
Phantom Forces
Primal Clash
Ancient Origins

You wouldn't want to go older then Legendary Treasures because if they plan on playing in tournaments most of the older expansions quickly get out of date. But you can also just ask your kids to find out what cards they are interested in. Usually if you show interest in Pokemon cards you will hear them talk about everything they want.

Booster boxes these come in a few different forms in the store they can be in tins like the picture above or they can be the more expensive promo themed box which stores also carry. These are recommended for people who already know how to play the game or collect certain Pokemon expansions. They come with booster codes and also a promo card code for which ever Pokemon EX or Pokemon Mega EX that the box comes with to use on the Pokemon online trading card game. So you have two ways to play. The same applies for theme decks that you want newer expansions of the card game for play. But collectors will pretty much collect any expansion of card.

Legendary Treasures
Furious Fists
Phantom Forces
Primal Clash
Ancient Origins

 You can also buy them individual Pokemon booster packs too if your looking for something really small to buy for them which doesn't cost a lot. Many of the tins and booster boxes can range from $9 to $50 but packs are usually $4 each.

Pokemon gift locating I figured this would be something good to add aside from the item numbers I gave in the post for some of the item. I work in target and I usually handle the toys section so I can make it easy for you a little by explaining usually where you can find some of the toys. For example with Pokemon trading cards you can find them usually near the check lanes but they also can be found back in toys too usually where they have other card games. Its always a good idea to ask for help but if you can't find anyone which can happen you'll have a general idea places that it will be located.

Pokemon figures are usually found also near the Pokemon trade card sections but sometimes stores have a specific location for action figures from different games and movies. For example my store has them located down the same area as hot wheel's and other collectibles like matchbox.

Bedding stuff will always be in the kids bedding sections you can also find Pokemon pillows in that section too. For Pokemon plush they are usually located along side the Pokemon trading cards. And board games which I have not seen in stores as of yet are usually mixed with other board games.

But a large vary of the items you'll be looking for will most likely be online only items. And the names of the items I provided can be used when searching them or the item numbers I gave. If you call a store that has possible Pokemon figures also keep in mind you might have to ask them for a certain Pokemon because often figures come in assortments and not every store will have all of the Pokemon figures your searching for.

Another great tip I can give for people looking for items from Target specifically if you see the store says they have only one or two items it's better to call the store first. The reason is because not only do you need to hope that someone else isn't in the store buying that exact item but if someone else called the store and asked to put one on hold it's possible they might have gotten the last one. But one of the workers in the store can check and if they have the item it's always good to put it on hold before driving down that way you can pick it up at guest service.

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much Pokemon stuff recently the holidays and black Friday was very busy for me in retail. But over the next few weeks I will be adding some new stuff. And as you can see with this post I'm really putting in some good effort to make your Pokemon Christmas shopping successful. And for the kids who subscribed and follow my blog this is always some things you can suggest to your parents. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ancient Origins Booster code giveaway

So I apologize that I didn't get any more booster codes during Halloween like I planned on. I ended up having to work and was really busy but to make it up. Today I'm giving away two ancient origins booster codes for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. You know the deal who ever claims them get them like usual. I do hope you all had a great holiday season and hope someone has been enjoying the code giveaways that I do.

So I'll try to do another code soon but for now enjoy these ones.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween 2015 Pokemon Style

So Halloween is quickly approaching and I was looking for some unique Pokemon idea's for the Holiday's. I noticed this year the Pokemon website has downloadable stencils for pumpkins which can be used to create the following:
Pretty awesome looking right? You can find these using the following link. Aside from that one of my friends recently got a Gengar costume Pikachu Pokémon Keychain Plush this thing is super adorable. I had no idea they actually made anything like it on the internet. 
They not only have a Gengar one but they also have Duskull, Pikachu wearing Golbat wings and Mismagius one which I might have to pick up for myself.

You can't tell me its not super adorable and Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon. It would be nice to see them expand this to more Pokemon then just Pikachu for the Halloween season. I'd love to see them put all the Pokemon in costumes of other Pokemon. Like just imagine a Charizard wearing a Tyranitar costume. But still these are pretty nice looking as is and totally wasn't expecting such well made plushies.

One of my friends decided to make his Pokemon team line up Halloween worthy as well going with:

But I can't really comment on it myself because I haven't  played Pokemon since Ruby came out so if you have any thoughts about his line up feel free to leave a comment cause I'm interested to see what other people think. Would totally love to be like my Pokemon blog thinks your crazy and see what he says.

Costume wise I have to say over all on the internet most costumes are pretty bad when it comes to Pokemon. I've seen some nice trainer type costumes but aside from that most of them are pretty bad. But one of my friends showed me pictures of costumes she plans on getting for her toddler and her daughter which I'll show because these in my opinion are pretty nice.

 So as you can see both of these are pretty cute costumes and I totally agree with her. Pokemon wise I think the hoodies are actually made better then most costumes. Not to mention allow you to wear them outside of seasons like Halloween. Some are better looking then others so it comes down to picking the right company that makes the most realistic looking hoodies. Some of the Pokemon ones Ive seen look like they have lazy eye or look like ripoffs so bad you can't even tell what Pokemon the face is.

Anyhow I'll avoid taking too much time up posting about Halloween stuff just wanted to share this with you. Also I will be putting out another Pokemon Trading Card Game Online code again since it's a holiday month so pay attention so you don't miss out. I know some of you are trying hard to get a free pack code. Don't worry I still have plenty more! Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pokemon Flash Fire Booster Code

So today I'm doing another one of our booster code giveaways and I have a flash fire booster code to give away. Like always no catches to claim it first person who gets it style give away. And if you want to be notified next time I do another giveaway just subscribe to my blog or google + it and you'll get a email when I make a new blog post.

Also if you ended up paying for the code above most likely you got ripped off by someone cause all of these codes are pictures taken by me with my ipod so anyone copying and selling these codes are most likely scammers.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pokemon Trainer Card Maker

You might have seen websites related to creating trainer cards for pokemon. A Pokemon trainer card maker is a web based program that allows you to make trainer cards. Some of these websites are free and allow you to create trainer cards from different Pokemon games. They use unique backgrounds made by fans and players. It is also possible to create trainer cards without using a Pokemon trainer card maker since most of these trainer cards are pixelized and it's possible to create them using paint or photoshop.

An example of one made without a Pokemon trainer card maker you can find here:

You should avoid websites that want you to pay to use the Pokemon trainer card maker because there are enough free websites that allow you to use them. Sites that ask for money are just trying to cheat you. But it's still wise to scan any downloads from sites that claim to have Pokemon training card makers because you would not want to download a virus by mistake.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ancient Origins Booster Code Giveaway

I know you guys have been waiting for another one of these and this time you can get one of the newest booster pack codes from ancient origins. Like ive said before I will continue doing these. Ive been doing at least one per month so if you subscribe and follow you will have a good chance of getting a free code. If you new here these codes are used for the online trading card game for Pokemon they allow you to claim booster packs to make decks.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ancient Origins Pokemon Card Prices

This page is dedicated to the rare Pokemon cards of the Ancient Origins Pokemon card expansion. The low end price would be the lowest price you might find it for without going to buy it from a retail card seller. And the highest price would be buying it outside of an auction.

Card NameEditionConditionLow end PriceHigh End Price
Ancient Origins Complete Master Set N/A Mint  $142.50 $378.98
Ancient Origins Sealed booster box N/A N/A  $47.99 $98.00
Ancient Origins Mega Primal Kyogre EX 96/98 Ultra Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $10.00 $22.95
Ancient Origins Mega Primal Groudon EX 97/98 Ultra Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $10.00 $22.95
Ancient Origins Giratina EX 93/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $12.00 $16.95
Ancient Origins Mega Ampharos EX 88/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card  N/A Mint  $9.00 $12.95
Ancient Origins Trainers' Mail 100/98 Secret Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $10.00 $14.95
Ancient Origins Mega Sceptile EX 8/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $7.00 $11.95
Ancient Origins Mega Tyranitar EX 43/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $7.00 $11.95
Ancient Origins Energy Retrieval 99/98 Secret Rare Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $6.00 $10.99
Ancient Origins Machamp EX 90/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.00 $9.99
Ancient Origins Giratina EX 37/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.00 $9.54
Ancient Origins Hoopa EX 36/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.00 $9.95
  Ancient Origins Lugia EX 94/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.00 $9.02
  Ancient Origins Hoopa EX 89/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $5.00 $9.00
  Ancient Origins Steven 95/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $4.50 $8.95
  Ancient Origins Mega Ampharos EX 28/98  Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $4.50 $8.95
  Ancient Origins Kyurem Ex 86/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $4.00 $8.00
  Ancient Origins Lugia EX 68/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $4.00 $7.95
  Ancient Origins Mega Sceptile EX 85/98 Full Art Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $4.00 $7.50
  Ancient Origins Sceptile EX 7/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $3.70 $6.95
  Ancient Origins Kyurem EX 25/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $3.00 $5.49
  Ancient Origins Ampharos EX 27/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $2.70 $4.99
  Ancient Origins Machamp EX 37/98  Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $2.70 $4.95
  Ancient Origins Jolteon 26/98 Reverse
Holographic Pokemon Card
N/A Mint  $2.00 $3.95
  Ancient Origins Vileplume 3/98 Reverse Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.90 $2.95
  Ancient Origins Lysandre 78/98 Reverse Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.90 $2.95
  Ancient Origins Level Ball 76/98 Reverse Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.70 $2.80
  Ancient Origins Ace Trainer 69/98 Reverse Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.70 $2.80
  Ancient Origins Entei 15/98 Reverse Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.70 $2.80
  Ancient Origins Virizion 12/98 Holographic Pokemon Card N/A Mint  $1.70 $2.80
  Ancient Origins Energy Flash Energy 83/98
Pokemon Card
N/A Mint  $1.00 $2.50

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ancient Origins Pokemon Card Expansion

The Ancient Origins Pokémon card expansion has been released on August 12, 2015. This set features 11 Pokémon EX including three of them which are Mega Pokémon EX. The theme decks are Iron Tide and Stone Heart. Stone Heart centers around fighting and grass type Pokemon cards while Iron Tide centers around metal and water type Pokemon. The expansion was previewed in the XY-P Promotional Gym Challenge pack between the months of May 2015 to July 2015 and introduces θ into the ancient traits . And continues to feature Mega Evolution Pokémon cards.

Ancient Origins Pokémon Card Prices
Ancient Origins Booster Pack code Giveaway

Ancient Origins Pokémon Error Cards:

No information yet

Theme Decks:
Iron Tide
Stone Heart

Additional Cards:
No. Card name Type Promotion
 12/98 Virizion     Exclusive Non Holographic Stone Heart Theme Deck
 21/98 Gyarados     Exclusive Non Holographic Iron Tide Theme Deck
 40/98 Regirock     Exclusive Cracked Ice Holographic Stone Heart Theme Deck
 49/98 Metagross     Exclusive Cracked Ice Holographic Iron Tide Theme Deck

Symbol Map:
I- Item
T- Trainer
Su- Support
St- Stadium
- Common
- Uncommon
- Rare
- Rare Holographic
- Rare Secret
- Rare Ultra
- Rare Holographic EX

No. Card name Type Rarity
 1/98 Oddish    
 2/98 Gloom    
 3/98 Vileplume    
 4/98 Bellossom    
 5/98 Spinarak    
 6/98 Ariado    
 7/98 Sceptile EX    
 8/98 Mega Sceptile EX    
 9/98 Combee    
10/98 Vespiquen    
11/98 Vespiquen    
12/98 Virizion    
13/98 Flareon     
14/98 Entei     
15/98  Entei    
16/98 Larvesta    
17/98 Volcarona    
18/98 Volcarona    
19/98 Magikarp    
20/98 Gyarados    
21/98 Gyarados    
22/98 Vaporeon    
23/98 Relicanth    
24/98 Regice    
25/98 Kyurem EX    
26/98 Jolteon    
27/98 Ampharos EX    
28/98 Mega Ampharos EX    
29/98 Rotom    
30/98 Unown    
31/98 Baltoy    
32/98 Baltoy    
33/98 Claydol    
34/98 Golett    
35/98 Golurk    
36/98 Hoopa EX    
37/98 Machamp EX    
38/98 Wooper    
39/98 Quagsire    
40/98 Regirock    
41/98 Golurk    
42/98 Tyranitar EX    
43/98 Mega Tyranitar EX    
44/98 Sableye    
45/98 Inkay    
46/98 Malamar    
47/98 Beldum    
48/98 Metang    
49/98 Metagross    
50/98 Metagross    
51/98 Registeel    
52/98 Ralts    
53/98 Kirlia    
54/98 Gardevoir    
55/98 Cottonee    
56/98 Whimsicott    
57/98 Giratina EX    
58/98 Goomy    
59/98 Sliggoo    
60/98 Goodra    
61/98 Meowth    
62/98 Persian    
63/98 Eevee    
64/98 Porygon    
65/98 Porygon2    
66/98 Porygon-Z    
67/98 Porygon-Z    
68/98 Lugia EX    
69/98 Ace Trainer   Su  
70/98 Ampharos Spirit Link    I  
71/98 Eco Arm    I  
72/98 Energy Recycler    I  
73/98 Faded Town    St  
74/98 Forest of Giant Plants    St  
75/98 Hex Maniac    Su  
76/98 Level Ball    I  
77/98 Lucky Helmet    I  
78/98 Lysandre    Su  
79/98 Paint Roller    I  
80/98 Sceptile Spirit Link    I  
81/98 Tyranitar Spirit Link    I  
82/98 Dangerous Energy   E  
83/98 Flash Energy   E  
84/98 Sceptile EX     
85/98 Mega Sceptile EX    
86/98 Kyurem EX    
87/98 Ampharos EX    
88/98 Mega Ampharos EX    
89/98 Hoopa EX    
90/98 Machamp EX    
91/98 Tyranitar EX    
92/98 Mega Tyranitar EX    
93/98 Giratina EX    
94/98 Lugia EX    
95/98 Steven   Su  
96/98 Mega Primal Kyogre EX    
97/98 Mega Primal Groudon EX    
98/98 Mega Rayquaza EX    
99/98 Energy Retrieval    I  
100/98 Trainers' Mail    I