Friday, March 28, 2014

Buy Pokemon Cards Online

When you decide to buy Pokemon cards online you will want to make sure that you are buying Pokemon cards at the best price to you. And there are many places that you can buy Pokemon cards online. The one thing to keep in mind is a place with a lot of good reviews is a great place to buy Pokemon cards online. The better the reviews the more trusted the source is.

When you decide to buy Pokemon cards online from places like eBay you have to wonder if these cards are being stolen from retail stores especially when you are buying new packs of cards and people try to sell Pokemon cards with titles like estate sales and such when it's a brand new expansion and hasn't been out for a long period of time. Many scammers also hang out in eBay too that you have to beware of these will try to use misinformation to get you to spend more money on cards by catchy titles or logos like telling you a card is a misprint when it might not be. Or making fake Pokemon cards using a fake Pokemon card generator and making the card with misprints that never existed.

Not saying that some deals aren't good ones but if you are a serious collector you would want to make sure you aren't getting taken advantage of cause that will be a loss of money in the future. When you buy Pokemon cards online from websites with good reputation you know that they will be shipped in a timely fashion. Also if you have problems with shipping or anything you can always go directly back to the company and inquire for help. With eBay you can't usually get help right away usually they make you wait until the seller responds and all and it can be frustrating when you have problems on products with eBay.

Another thing to make sure is that the Pokemon website has been selling Pokemon cards over a long period of time. This is another way of avoiding problems with purchasing cards. You will also want to make sure the cards they are selling are for american players since Pokemon is international and if you buy Pokemon cards online it is possible to buy ones for Europe and other countries which would not be useable in English tornaments.

One of the most important aspects when you buy Pokemon cards online is if the website or the person you are buying them from gives you any feeling that the website might be a scam go with that feeling. It's better to be safe then sorry in this case cause the internet can be a dangerous place at times. But don't worry it's not all bad there are many websites which you can buy them from which are trusted.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gym Challenge Pokemon Card Expansion

The Gym Challenge Pokemon card expansion was an extention of Gym Heroes expansion which contained the last four gym leaders from the Kanto region. The gym leaders in the expansion are Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni. Gym Challenge was released October 16, 2000 for English players. With Sears locations releasing earlier on the 4th.

Error Card Information:
  • Misty's Seel (1st Edition and Ulimited) Prints of Misty's Seel has a transparency error which should not have white space around Seel's tail.
  • Blaine's Charizard (1st Edition and Ulimited) Early prints have a fighting type energy symbol instead of a fire type symbol. Energy is also has a misspelling with a small "e" instead of a capital 'E'. In later runs of the unlimited edition the fire energy symbol was fixed but the small 'e' for energy was still incorrect.
  • Giovanni's Pinsir (1st Edition and Ulimited) Pinsirs snapping pincers attack should do 20+ damage and not 10+ damage.
  • Rocket's Minefield Gym (1st Edition and Ulimited) Early prints are missing the amount of damage counters that needed to put on a Pokemon.
Gym Challenge Pokemon Card Prices
Symbol Map:
T- Trainer
- Common
- Uncommon
- Rare
- Rare Holographic

Gym Challenge Card List:

No. Card name Type Rarity
1/132 Blaine's Arcanine    
2/132 Blaine's Charizard    
3/132 Brock's Ninetales    
4/132 Erika's Venusaur    
5/132 Giovanni's Gyarados    
6/132 Giovanni's Machamp    
7/132 Giovanni's Nidoking    
8/132 Giovanni's Persian    
9/132 Koga's Beedrill    
10/132 Koga's Ditto    
11/132 Lt. Surge's Raichu    
12/132 Misty's Golduck    
13/132 Misty's Gyarados    
14/132 Rocket's Mewtwo    
15/132 Rocket's Zapdos    
16/132 Sabrina's Alakazam    
17/132 Blaine   T  
18/132 Giovanni   T  
19/132 Koga   T  
20/132 Sabrina   T  
21/132 Blaine's Ninetales    
22/132 Brock's Dugtrio    
23/132 Giovanni's Nidoqueen    
24/132 Giovanni's Pinsir    
25/132 Koga's Arbok    
26/132 Koga's Muk    
27/132 Koga's Pidgeotto    
28/132 Lt. Surge's Jolteon    
29/132 Sabrina's Gengar    
30/132 Sabrina's Golduck    
31/132 Blaine's Charmeleon    
32/132 Blaine's Dodrio    
33/132 Blaine's Rapidash    
34/132 Brock's Graveler    
35/132 Brock's Primeape    
36/132 Brock's Sandslash    
37/132 Brock's Vulpix    
38/132 Erika's Bellsprout    
39/132 Erika's Bulbasaur    
40/132 Erika's Clefairy    
41/132 Erika's Ivysaur    
42/132 Giovanni's Machoke    
43/132 Giovanni's Meowth    
44/132 Giovanni's Nidorina    
45/132 Giovanni's Nidorino    
46/132 Koga's Golbat    
47/132 Koga's Kakuna    
48/132 Koga's Koffing    
49/132 Koga's Pidgey    
50/132 Koga's Weezing    
51/132 Lt. Surge's Eevee    
52/132 Lt. Surge's Electrode    
53/132 Lt. Surge's Raticate    
54/132 Misty's Dewgong    
55/132 Sabrina's Haunter    
56/132 Sabrina's Hypno    
57/132 Sabrina's Jynx    
58/132 Sabrina's Kadabra    
59/132 Sabrina's Mr. Mime    
60/132 Blaine's Charmander    
61/132 Blaine's Doduo    
62/132 Blaine's Growlithe    
63/132 Blaine's Mankey    
64/132 Blaine's Ponyta    
65/132 Blaine's Rhyhorn    
66/132 Blaine's Vulpix    
67/132 Brock's Diglett    
68/132 Brock's Geodude    
69/132 Erika's Jigglypuff    
70/132 Erika's Oddish    
71/132 Erika's Paras    
72/132 Giovanni's Machop    
73/132 Giovanni's Magikarp    
74/132 Giovanni's Meowth    
75/132 Giovanni's Nidoran♀    
76/132 Giovanni's Nidoran♂    
77/132 Koga's Ekans    
78/132 Koga's Grimer    
79/132 Koga's Koffing    
80/132 Koga's Pidgey    
81/132 Koga's Tangela    
82/132 Koga's Weedle    
83/132 Koga's Zubat    
84/132 Lt. Surge's Pikachu    
85/132 Lt. Surge's Rattata    
86/132 Lt. Surge's Voltorb    
87/132 Misty's Horsea
88/132 Misty's Magikarp
89/132 Misty's Poliwag
90/132 Misty's Psyduck
91/132 Misty's Seel
92/132 Misty's Staryu
93/132 Sabrina's Abra
94/132 Sabrina's Abra
95/132 Sabrina's Drowzee
96/132 Sabrina's Gastly
97/132 Sabrina's Gastly
98/132 Sabrina's Porygon    
99/132 Sabrina's Psyduck    
100/132 Blaine   T  
101/132 Brock's Protection   T  
102/132 Chaos Gym   T  
103/132 Erika's Kindness   T  
104/132 Giovanni   T  
105/132 Giovanni's Last Resort   T  
106/132 Koga   T  
107/132 Lt. Surge's Secret Plan   T  
108/132 Misty's Wish   T  
109/132 Resistance Gym   T  
110/132 Sabrina   T  
111/132 Blaine's Quiz #2   T  
112/132 Blaine's Quiz #3   T  
113/132 Cinnabar City Gym   T  
114/132 Fuchsia City Gym   T  
115/132 Koga's Ninja Trick   T  
116/132 Master Ball   T  
117/132 Max Revive   T  
118/132 Misty's Tears   T  
119/132 Rocket's Minefield Gym   T  
120/132 Rocket's Secret Experiment   T  
121/132 Sabrina's Psychic Control   T  
122/132 Saffron City Gym   T  
123/132 Viridian City Gym   T  
124/132 Fervor   T  
125/132 Transparent Walls   T  
126/132 Warp Point   T  
127/132 Fighting Energy  E  --
128/132 Fire Energy  E  --
129/132 Grass Energy  E  --
130/132 Lightning Energy  E  --
131/132 Psychic Energy  E  --
132/132 Water Energy  E  --