Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pokemon Christmas Idea's

Have a family member that's a Pokemon fan and not sure what to buy them for the holiday season? Well today I'm going to talk about different Pokemon idea's that you can consider when trying to buy someone a gift this holiday season.

We all heard about the release of X and Y series on the Nintendo 3Ds if you have a family member who owns a Nintendo 3Ds if they haven't already most likely they want the game this comes as either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y each has different Pokemon but they can trade with friends so don't worry too much about buying the wrong one unless they already own one of them. If they don't own a Nintendo 3Ds then you might have to buy the system with the games for them but they will be happy since this is a very good game.

If you have a family member that likes the Pokemon card game and they also like X and Y you have Pokémon TCG: Sylveon Collection since Sylveon is one of the favorite new fairy Pokemon the promotional cards which come in this package are actually very nice. If they are interested in the trading card game but you aren't sure which type of booster packs to buy the newest boosters for the Pokemon card game are Legendary Treasures. These do not include Pokemon from X and Y series but buying Legendary Treasures booster packs would allow them to play the current card game. You could also wait until the next release of boosters but these happens next year you can however pick up the Pokémon TCG: XY—Kalos Starter Set which you can buy now. The Pokémon TCG: XY expansion won't be out until next year so you won't be able to buy Pokemon booster packs of these till next year.

You can also go with the collectable tins which come with promo Pokemon cards some booster packs and sometimes also include a Pokemon figures. If they play the trading card game online

Another hot item which is pretty popular is the Pokemon plush dolls. These are sold at Target and some of the stores but they come in varies so one store might not have the same plushes which you find at another store. You might want to know which Pokemon is your family members favorite while your shopping so you don't buy one that they don't really like. A good way to find out is ask them about the game and which starting Pokemon they choose or take them to the store and see if they name any specific Pokemon that they seem to really want. But if you want it to be a surpise don't let them know that they will be getting anything. Usually making it seem like your coming to the store for boring shopping usually is a good way of hiding the fact that you plan on buying them anything.

Some of the Pokemon action figures are very popular the older ones had no moving parts and where kind of boring for most kids but the newer ones have action parts like charizard shoots fireballs. These can be a choking hazard for younger children so just beware of the age of the child when you go to buy some of these figures they would be better off with a plush toy if they are very young.

You could also buy them the Pokemon movie Genesect and the Legend Awakened this will be released December 3, 2013 for home video so if you didn't go to the movie in the movie threaters to watch it.

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