Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pokemon X and Y ROM with Emulator

With the release of the Pokemon x and y Nintendo 3ds game many people have been spaming websites asking for a rom and emulator for the Nintendo 3ds. And with a lot of scammers on the net comes many fake survey's and virus filled programs ment to make a user download and install unwanted toolbar's hack bar's as well as do paid surveys in a way to make money and exploit a poor user.

So what I wanted to go over is first that there is no real Nintendo 3ds emulator any of the current ones that claim they are legit are just scams and as soon as you click on them they will try to make you do some paid survey's or install some malware toolbar's like sweet tool bar. So don't be fooled or tricked into downloading or completing some virus survey.

Many hackers are just taking emulators from other working projects like the playstation or gameboy color emulator and reskining them to make people think that they are legit programs many of the roms offered from many websites require that you fill out surveys. If your looking for a real rom without any surveys for Pokemon y i've provided it here.

So you might be wondering what you can do with the Pokemon y rom since there's no currently working emulators which you can use for Nintendo 3ds. There is currently a way to actually play rom games on a Nintendo 3ds using what is called gateway 3ds. What this allows you to do is load rom's for the Nintendo 3ds onto a flash card and then using a cartridge with a sim card addon for flash cards play it from the Nintendo 3ds that you currently own.

Of course you would need to own a Nintendo 3ds to make that possible and to some people maybe that defeats the purpose of even downloading a copy of the Pokemon y rom but until someone is able to make some real documentation on the Nintendo 3ds software. We might be 10 years or more away from a working emulator that can actually play Nintendo 3ds games.

I don't mean to disappoint people more I'm trying to help the people who are most likely hitting up google in an attempt to try and download some fake Nintendo 3ds emulator with the Pokemon x and y rom only to get some virus instead or getting some frustrating malware toolbar's which will not come off of your system.

In the future when a real Nintendo 3ds emulator makes an appearance I will update the post and provide everyone with a working Nintendo 3ds emulator but for now believe me when I say unless you plan to use the gateway 3ds you will be unable to create a way to play the Pokemon x and y rom on your computer.


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  2. Heres another place to download the Rom for the game.


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