Thursday, July 18, 2013

Buy Neo Revelations Pokemon Cards

The Neo Revelations expansion came out during 2001 which helped complete the transition for all of the generation II Pokemon into card form's. This set also still contained first edition cards as well as the unlimited sets. At this point in time the Neo Revelations expansion has become quite rare and the prices for these cards has been going up in value at a steady pace. It is becoming harder to buy Neo Revelations unlimited expansions since these cards are pretty old. So set building for them can be a challenge. This expansion also included two rare pokemon cards the shining magikarp and gyarados both of which have very unique card design similar to that of catching the Pokemon from the gameboy game. If you are a collector of Pokemon cards you might want to make sure you get to buy Neo Revelations set before it cannot be obtained anymore. The value of Neo Revelations will only continue to get more expensive like the base set Pokemon cards in the future. I went to the orignal release of these Neo Revelation expansion cards I still remember how much fun it was playing against other people at the Pokemon center in New York City and even though you might not want to play with these cards anymore they still have some pretty amazing designs compared to some of the newest designs the art for Wizards of the Coast cards is much more unique and orignal including not just unique Pokemon card designs but also great backgrounds to the cards themselves.

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