Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1st Edition Pokemon Cards

First edition Pokemon cards might not be familar to most newer Pokemon card game players since these cards only appeared from the base set up to the neo destiny expansion. Everytime a set of Pokemon cards released a limited number of them where released as first edition cards. And those first edition cards became much more rare then those of the unlimited sets. But once japan stopped printing these first edition cards then wizards of the coast stopped printing them. The idea was completely rejected when Nintendo took over the Pokemon cards.

And while most people that play the Pokemon trading card game might not need to know about first edition pokemon cards it still is important for collectors to know. If you have the first edition base set cards like charizard chances are you have a small down payment to a house sitting in your room because these in mint condition can go anywhere from $500 dollars to $8,000 pretty large price tag for a single card.

Even the prices on the Neo Destiny expansion has been seadly going up so collectors that are just starting to gather these cards now might want to hurry up before the Neo Destiny expansion is the next big expansion to have the price tag of the charizard.

You might be wondering how to identify the first edition pokemon cards and its pretty easy they will have a small marker which says first edition to the left corner of the card at the edge of bottom corner of the Pokemon card. You can find an example of this by looking at this Shining Tyrannitar.

Most of the first edition base cards even the common ones range from $3 to up to $15. While rares are anywhere from $10 to $30 and then holographic is anywhere from $30 to $8,000 depending on how rare it is. Some of the first editions also have error's like shadowless and such mistakes making them much more valuable.

You will not see first edition pokemon cards from any of the newer sets but hopefully this blog has helped people who are trying to collect the older sets so they know the difference between the first edition cards and the unlimited set cards. Honestly I think the first edition cards was a nice addition to cards since it added some more rarity to Pokemon cards.

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