Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pokemon Online Trading Card Game

One of the biggest changes to the world of Pokemon is not that Ashe is still only 14 years old after so many years of Pokemon episodes it is the change that has allowed Pokemon collectors to play the Pokemon online trading card game with friends. Now besides buying pokemon cards from different stores across the nation you get redeemable codes from these packs or decks which can be used on the Pokemon online trading card game to play a free online version against other players. The design is similar to instance based mmorpg's it has a place to chat and a instance matching system that allows you to play against other people.

The Pokemon online trading card game comes with a starter deck so you do not need to spend any money if you want to check it out. I tried some matches myself and it's very fun to do even just with the starting deck. If you frequently buy Pokemon cards or theme decks you can claim the codes they provide for the Pokemon online trading card game and you do not have to buy anything additional once you claim them. You can build and modify decks online which is another great way to enjoy the Pokemon trading card game.

They do warn you about talking to people online that you should not share personal information with other players online which should be a standard for any child that is playing online. And it would be good for parents to make sure that your child is not giving location since the internet will always be filled with bad people regardless of what type of game it is.

There are guides which explain how to play the Pokemon online trading card game from the website and other information for people just starting. They do also have an online store that you can buy more cards online but I would imagine for most collectors you could just redeem the cards you buy from stores instead of just buying virtual packs of cards since the physical pokemon cards can still be used either in decks or as a collection of the set. Or saved for future investment. 

Some websites like amazon and ebay also just sell the codes themselves from people who either have bought and not used the code and are selling pokemon card codes. Once a code has been claimed it can not be claimed anymore. So asking for free codes will not work because who ever first uses the code makes it useless for others. If you have friends that plan to play the Pokemon online trading card game do not share your codes with them or you will be unable to claim them for yourself in the future.

Also remember each booster pack of pokemon cards contains different card expansions so for each new expansion you would need to buy new packs to stay up to date. The Pokemon online trading card game also has different level difficulties for players depending on how skilled they are and you can play against some really difficult decks and players with them as you get really skilled playing Pokemon online trading card game.

Pokemon Website

If you enjoy Pokemon then chances are at some point you have thought about making a Pokemon website at some point whether it's for your pokemon cards or to tell your friends how much you love the pokemon game or if you just do it for fun. You might have tried to find website templates for a pokemon website. This can be a challenge since the internet now a days is so huge and finding information about making a Pokemon website can be really hard. And if you have no background in HTML programming or PHP you cannot make a Pokemon website all on your own. So I've gone a head and found some pretty interesting Pokemon website templates that are free to use which you can use. The creators always ask that you don't remove the credits they put on the Pokemon website templates which is understandable since they put in free work to make these websites themselves.

The first Pokemon website is of gold duck the code for this site is located on the demo itself.

Volcarona Pokemon website

Porygon Pokemon website

Wordpress Pokedex Pokemon theme

Another Wordpress Pokemon theme

Keep in mind unless the creator of the Pokemon website gives permission for you to use the template you can have your website taken down for using a copywrited template design. They can also do that if you remove credits or put your own credits making it seem like you built the template yourself. In the end making a Pokemon website using HTML is easy enough that you can learn how to do it yourself without doing anything devious to some poor person on the internet. Or you could sign up for a free blogger website like I did and that requires no knowledge of HTML in order to make a decent looking website.

As I find more Pokemon websites and theme's I'll continue updating this page with them for your use. Your welcome to add my blog as a friend on your Pokemon website if you would like. You can do that by adding: <a href= "">Pokemon Cards</a> To your website or blog.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Buy Neo Revelations Pokemon Cards

The Neo Revelations expansion came out during 2001 which helped complete the transition for all of the generation II Pokemon into card form's. This set also still contained first edition cards as well as the unlimited sets. At this point in time the Neo Revelations expansion has become quite rare and the prices for these cards has been going up in value at a steady pace. It is becoming harder to buy Neo Revelations unlimited expansions since these cards are pretty old. So set building for them can be a challenge. This expansion also included two rare pokemon cards the shining magikarp and gyarados both of which have very unique card design similar to that of catching the Pokemon from the gameboy game. If you are a collector of Pokemon cards you might want to make sure you get to buy Neo Revelations set before it cannot be obtained anymore. The value of Neo Revelations will only continue to get more expensive like the base set Pokemon cards in the future. I went to the orignal release of these Neo Revelation expansion cards I still remember how much fun it was playing against other people at the Pokemon center in New York City and even though you might not want to play with these cards anymore they still have some pretty amazing designs compared to some of the newest designs the art for Wizards of the Coast cards is much more unique and orignal including not just unique Pokemon card designs but also great backgrounds to the cards themselves.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Buy EX Hidden Legends Pokemon Cards

The Hidden Legends Pokemon card expansion came out during 2004 orignally and while it might not be the oldest set of Pokemon cards out on the market the prices of this expansion has been steadly increasing in price. Currently with the value of these Pokemon cards it's still possible for collectors to build a set of them before they become as rare as the base set cards which cost a redicious price to obtain all of the cards.

These cards come in very beautiful art making them very appealing for collectors to obtain for sets. This expansion does not have first edition's and only comes in unlimited sets but it is becoming harder to find these cards in Mint condition and every collector knows that the better the condition the more valuable and rare as well as the more espensive these cards are.

Ninetales EX
Wailord EX
Gyarados EX
Swampert EX
Dragonite EX

Hidden Legends expansion has no known error cards that have been reported so make sure when buying cards which claim to be errored and do research to find out if they are true or just a scam by someone trying to make money.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1st Edition Pokemon Cards

First edition Pokemon cards might not be familar to most newer Pokemon card game players since these cards only appeared from the base set up to the neo destiny expansion. Everytime a set of Pokemon cards released a limited number of them where released as first edition cards. And those first edition cards became much more rare then those of the unlimited sets. But once japan stopped printing these first edition cards then wizards of the coast stopped printing them. The idea was completely rejected when Nintendo took over the Pokemon cards.

And while most people that play the Pokemon trading card game might not need to know about first edition pokemon cards it still is important for collectors to know. If you have the first edition base set cards like charizard chances are you have a small down payment to a house sitting in your room because these in mint condition can go anywhere from $500 dollars to $8,000 pretty large price tag for a single card.

Even the prices on the Neo Destiny expansion has been seadly going up so collectors that are just starting to gather these cards now might want to hurry up before the Neo Destiny expansion is the next big expansion to have the price tag of the charizard.

You might be wondering how to identify the first edition pokemon cards and its pretty easy they will have a small marker which says first edition to the left corner of the card at the edge of bottom corner of the Pokemon card. You can find an example of this by looking at this Shining Tyrannitar.

Most of the first edition base cards even the common ones range from $3 to up to $15. While rares are anywhere from $10 to $30 and then holographic is anywhere from $30 to $8,000 depending on how rare it is. Some of the first editions also have error's like shadowless and such mistakes making them much more valuable.

You will not see first edition pokemon cards from any of the newer sets but hopefully this blog has helped people who are trying to collect the older sets so they know the difference between the first edition cards and the unlimited set cards. Honestly I think the first edition cards was a nice addition to cards since it added some more rarity to Pokemon cards.