Sunday, February 10, 2013

What is Pokemon?

Some of my friends more recently came across my blog on the internet and have asked me what Pokemon is cause they either never played the trading card game or are not into playing the game-boy games or the other console games that Pokemon released. So I figured it would be a good idea to write this article on Pokemon and explain a little bit about what it is for anyone that comes across the blog and is confused.

 Originally Pokemon was a video game which was published by Japanese Nintendo producers during 1996. As Pokemon gained popularity it then moved into anime and was also made into a manga. Then later it was made into the Pokemon trading card game and many other toy's and books and other media. While the Pokemon games might have been originally targeted for the younger kids popularity with the trading card game and older players grew because of the simplicity of the game and the love for the anime show.

The most newest way that Pokemon has been actively growing a population is by the new Pokemon trading card game online. That you can buy Pokemon cards from stores and use the codes which come with the Pokemon cards to play the online trading card game with friends. They have a tutorial on the website which explains how the online card game works and they also allow you to play with a free deck which is quite fun. But to obtain more decks you have to buy them and use the one time unique Pokemon codes. They allow you to trade cards online similar to as if you trade them in real life if you have a card someone else would like to trade.

If the trading card game is not for you but your a anime lover you would first want to watch the anime and see if you like it first. The anime was what got me into Pokemon before anything because I never bought any of the game-boy games till after I saw the anime and when the trading card game came out I thought it was very interesting since I had already grown to love Pokemon so I got into doing tournaments at the New York Pokemon center.

You would like the Pokemon game-boy games too but since game-boy is not really sold often enough you could always try it using an emulator and rom which you can download from the internet. I'll talk more about emulators and roms in another article and explain more about them and how they work along with share some of mine so you can play them on your computer. But they have also released newer Pokemon games on many of the newer systems too the older ones followed Ashe as he collected all of the Pokemon and battled friends and rivals to become a Pokemon master just like the Pokemon anime.

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